there's something very romantic about self-destruction and sabotaging your life, and taking a hammer to it

i used to say nig omg what the fuck

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Demi Lovato + 2013 (Part I)

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stolenrpg? jerseyrp? detectivesrp?

I’m already contemplating on joining stolenrpg, I’m not so sure about jerseyrp though because I’m just not a fan of plot. I’ll check out detectivesrp though, it seems interesting. Thanks, babe. 


I’ll check it out. Thanks for your suggestion, bby.


jerseyrp, rivalryrpg and milliondollarrp

Thank you, bby. I’ll take a look at them.

Seriously though, if anyone could give me role play recs that would be great.

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do u still rp

I’m going to start again?

I am curious actually. How do you play Niall and Harry in roleplays? Many people say that you play them different.

It varies, really. It depends on the role play. If that role play is asking me to play them as they are, then that I will do. Even though I SUCK at playing sweet Harrys and Nialls, I try my best. But if it’s just a typical Hollywood role play, I usually play Harry as a bit on a asshole. Still pretty sweet and sensitive though but an asshole more or less. While Niall, I play him as a complete bitch. He’s mean, relentless, sarcastic, insensitive, and the list goes on. Having drama in role plays is everything so I try to tick off more people each day. I still don’t get why they like it when I’m like that though. But anyway, yeah. I do play them different. Playing assholes is my speciality.